What would you do if you didn’t have to focus on:

  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Recruiting
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Lead Generation

Breaking Free

We have been where you are.

We know the burden owners/entrepreneurs carry. Over the past 20 years, we have experienced the frustration and struggle, but we know that given the right focus it all works out in the end.

Asaph Ventures provides

the support and services that Christian entrepreneurs and owners need to launch, grow, and thrive doing the job they love.

Freedom to Thrive

Freedom to be more mentally and physically engaged with family, friends, and self.

Unchain from the grind

Be able to unchain from the grind of daily business and focus on growth.

Marty & Asaph Ventures recognized my expertise in my industry and believed in my abilities. They offered me an opportunity to start a company that allows me to be my own boss and achieve my financial/career goals.

Monty Sands, Gen7 Technologies, Managing Director

“The ‘first fruits’ program is possibly the most rewarding aspect of the business, as it openly displays where Asaph Ventures’ heart is. It is incredibly uplifting and inspiring to witness first-hand how the lives of those in challenging circumstances are changing through the business success of Asaph Ventures. I am proud to be their close partner.”

Cliff Currie, PDDV, Founder/Managing Director

“Since merging with Asaph, the firm has had steady growth, and I have more free time and joy. My compensation is just like being the ‘owner,’ and the faith-based model allows me to invest even more in ministry.”

HingePoint, Managing Director

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Start Growing

Upon decision to move forward, we’ll get right back to work, so you can grow faster.

Business is crazy fun and crazy hard. We love taking the hard part and leave the fun to you.

Many out there are just like us — employee, turned contractor, turned business owner/employer/sales manager/HR director/administrator/bookkeeper/etc… Just like that you’re getting bogged down by the burdens of the daily business grind and the excitement of pursuing your passion is heading out the door.

Imagine if you did not have to worry about all the “extra stuff” — We want to free you from those tasks and unleash you to pursue your passion and grow your business.

Partnering with Asaph Ventures means we provide a suite of administrative, management, marketing, and mentoring services, plus extended development capabilities giving entrepreneurs and business owners the freedom and focus to pursue their passions with confidence as they work alongside industry experts.

Marty Carney
Owner and Founder

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Marty has over 20 years of experience leading small business ventures to reach high growth and substantial profits. A leading long-range business strategist, Carney is always looking around the corner for his clients. As a technology and… read more


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