With over 20 years of experience, industry experts from Asaph Ventures work in tandem with businesses, so together, we can grow the Kingdom of God.

Asaph Ventures gives worn out entrepreneurs the freedom to confidently pursue their passion through administrative, management, marketing, and mentoring services, as well as extended development capabilities.

A History Of Always Improving

  • Led businesses to eclipse former revenues and achieve over 40% profit in the first and second years in operation
  • Acquired multiple “US Partner of the Year” awards from a top 5 world wide software company
  • Helped over 450 satisfied customers
  • Many customer relationships spanning 10+ years
  • Numerous employees with tenure of 10+ years
  • Successfully reinvented areas of business both internally and externally to capture new markets and growth

Why Asaph Ventures?

For 20 years, Marty Carney and Asaph Ventures has helped companies realize their true potential.

He has spent time mentoring business leaders on how to find focus, create a path of success, and gain much-needed freedom in their lives in and out of business. This path of serving others led him to the Psalmist, Asaph, who’s name in Hebrew means “to gather”. Asaph Ventures gathers together not only support services for growth and freedom, but also gathers together a community of like-minded businesses.

Our calling is to guide entrepreneurial business leaders to offload the high costs of growing a business and fulfill a greater purpose.


Meet Marty Carney, Owner & Founder

Chairman of WCI Data Solutions, PDD Ventures and HingePoint

The Bio That Everyone Likes To Share:

He has over 20 years of experience leading small business ventures to reach high growth and substantial profits. A leading long-range business strategist, Carney is always looking around the corner for his clients. As a business adviser to many Fortune 500 companies, Carney has helped them shape their business to realize new and successful paths towards positive growth.

The Real Story:

Marty has experienced the same struggles that most business leaders have, but want to forget. Throughout those 20 years of experience, Marty has shared the emotional journey of all business leaders:

Near negative cash flows

Growth plateaus

and the list goes on

Lost mission or vision

Personal discouragement

Unsustainable workloads



Asaph Ventures provide freedom to Christian entrepreneurs who want to run a business without the hassle of running a company through a services platform built around executive advisory, operational health, lead generation, and back office administration.


Asaph Ventures brings together a collection of self-sustaining companies to establish a community of like-minded businesses, safe harbor, collaboration, and incubation to fulfill a higher purpose.

Core values

We Are Second

Diligent in business

Joy in our hearts


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