Equipped with the skills to run your business, but lack the desire to run a company?

We’ve been where you are and know the burden business owners carry. If you’re an emerging entrepreneur or a stagnated small business, as long as you have a passion for service and a desire to grow, we’re here for you.

We can alleviate overhead hassles of HR, payroll, accounting, and more. Here’s how…

What does a Asaph Venture Candidate look like?

  • Emerging entrepreneur, distressed company or flat growth company
  • Existing business owner looking to cut costs
  • Has subject matter expertise in a particular skill set.
  • Experience with technical and/or business sales
  • Proven track record of closing and maintaining business
  • Possess a strong network of business leaders and customers
  • Follower of Christ with a giving heart
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Benefits of Working Together with Asaph Ventures

When you regain the freedom to do what you love, you reap the benefits.

Earn more time to spend it on how you best see fit – with your family and friends and on growing your business.

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Other benefits of working with Asaph Ventures include:

  • Reduced stress
  • Time to spend with family and friends
  • Freedom to help a worthy cause growing God’s Kingdom
  • License to focus on what you do well and be proactive
  • The pleasure of working with like-minded business people invested in your success
  • Comfort knowing you’re supported
  • Active collaboration with portfolio companies
  • Healthy profit share splits
  • Proven lead generation processes

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Upon decision to move forward, we’ll get right back to work, so you can grow faster.

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