We start by identifying your situation – Are you an…

Emerging/Startup business with proven success and desire to grow? Do you…

  • Have the desire to start a business, but no capital or experience?
  • Want time for family and friends while running a business?
  • Know how to grow a business, lead teams, and get things done?
  • Close business deals, but struggle getting leads?
  • Have a reputation as an expert in your subject matter?
  • Not want to get bogged down by menial administrative tasks?
  • Know basic accounting principles (profit and loss, cash flow, etc.)?
  • Seek out experts to help shape, plan, and support your efforts?
  • See a higher purpose for your business and desire to help others?

Existing business that’s struggling with little, stagnate or declining growth? Do you….

  • Want to spend more time with family and friends?
  • Feel spread too thin in your business/taking on too many roles?
  • Want to hire to help with workload and back office?
  • Have limited margins and have cash-flow problems?
  • Need more, higher-quality leads?
  • Need help with pre-sale activity?
  • Wish you had someone to advise and guide you?
  • Feel like you’re burning out and longing for a higher purpose for your business?

Find yourself in any of these statements?
We know your struggle.

We also know that given the right focus, growth can happen – both in your business and in your life.

We want to release you from worrying over your business woes, and let you be free to enjoy your business again.

So where do we go from here?

What does it look like to join Asaph Ventures? – We’re a culture built on transparency.

We operate with an open-book style of management. This means that after joining Asaph, you will still be fully engaged in the overall operation and growth of the business. However, you’ll be able to focus your time, energy, and expertise on the things that you enjoy.

From the start of business planning and goal setting, we focus on how we can not only improve the business, but your family life, and give back to help others in need. As we grow, we conduct scheduled business health checks, as well as planning and mentorship meetings.

When you work with us, you also gain access to the knowledge and resources from our other clients.

Next Steps To Get You Started 

Do your homework

We encourage you to speak with current Asaph Ventures companies. What better way to learn more about us than from someone who’s been in a similar situation?

Schedule a meeting

Get started by contacting our team. We’ll set a time to meet and discuss your business.

Discovery meeting

During our Discovery meeting, we’ll take a detailed look at your organization. Come prepared with documents explaining your organization, defining its strengths and weaknesses. We want to hear everything – what you love about your business and your pain points.

Review your Freedom Support Plan*

Read through our proposed plan that will help you find freedom in your business and achieve growth. The plan will include an alignment matrix and an action plan to set expectations for the first year.

*See more below

Don’t you wish your business came with a road map? That’s Our Freedom Support Plan.

As mentioned above, our Freedom Support Plan is your way forward to enjoying the work you do in a greater, more purposeful way. Our goal is to grow together while doing work that is a blessing to your clients, family, and those you help.

Contact us to schedule your Discovery Meeting today and we’ll get started on your own Freedom Support Plan. 

Ready to enjoy your work again? Schedule A Meeting
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