Company Overview

HingePoint provides expert software consultants, integrators and developers. They specialize in bridging, extending, and connecting business systems to create more user-friendly technology solutions. Hingepoint works in many industries but has a particular focus in the Construction, Commercial Real Estate, and Manufacturing industries with clients all over the world. They joined Asaph in 2017.

Executive Summary

Asaph Ventures provided HingePoint, a business software consulting firm for construction and real estate, with back-office business capabilities that often bog down entrepreneurs. This freedom gave the owner of HingePoint the liberty to do what they love, run their company.


The owner of HingePoint was struggling with growing discontent. HingePoint was floundering. Growth was stagnant, and there was an apparent lack of time to focus on sales and delivery. Cash flow kept fluctuating up and down. The owner was desperate for a network of experienced advisors well acquainted with how to operate a business. Then, after two years of fantastic growth, the company lost its biggest client overnight. The troubles kept piling on, and it was hard for the owner of HingePoint to keep their spirits high.

How Product/Service Helped

Frantically searching to try something new and regain control of its growth again, HingePoint decided to partner up with Asaph Ventures. Asaph’s common faith-based business values, glowing reviews from other business owners meant that after the companies merged, nearly everything remained the same. The only difference was now the owner of HingePoint could focus on growing the company while Asaph Ventures took all the busy work off their plate. Now, HingePoint receives help with sales, marketing, operations, technical expertise, finance, HR, and benefits. With a defined and easy-to-follow business framework from Asaph Ventures, the process was smooth and pleasant. Business stabilized, and the owner of HingePoint has more experts and wisdom to rely on than ever before.

Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans

HingePoint’s revenue continues to grow back to normal steadily. The company achieved record profits due to the efficiency of the back-office consolidation with Asaph Ventures. The owner is thrilled to have time to spend with their family, finally. With less stress and a greater work-life balance, the owner can run a company they love without bothering with the back-office busywork that consumes the time of leaders.