Company Overview

Gen7 Technologies specializes in IT staffing services for customers in multiple industries and verticals across the United States. They provide client partners with contract/project, contract to hire, direct hire, statement of work (SOW), and staff augmentation. Additionally, Gen7 offers payroll and consultative talent evaluations.

Executive Summary 

Gen7’s team was spending too much time focused on IT and not enough energy on their clients. They were looking for a way to run their IT staffing agency without the stresses and logical implications of running a company. Instead of using their own valuable time and resources to fiddle with business items, they partnered with Asaph Ventures and Marty for a suite of administrative, management, marketing, and mentoring services, and extended development capabilities. 

Gen7 Technologies was wanting to accelerate the process of scaling their business with a Christian business investor. Beyond that and more importantly, they want to pool the resources of all of the Asaph operating companies and gain valuable insight and perspective on the best ways to grow and expand. 


The main challenge Gen7 faced was determining where to invest leadership’s time and effectively scale in a way that supported expansive growth. Beyond the usual challenges that come with budget, time, and finding the right organization to work with, Gen7 was seeking a business partner who they could trust to care for their business in the same ways that they did. 

Gen7 chose to work with Asaph Ventures because they trusted Marty and his team to guide them on their entrepreneurial journey. Starting a new business can be turbulent, and Monty’s main goal was to work with a partner who could help find financial solutions to get the business off the ground and help sustain Gen7 while they scaled the business.

How Product/Services Helped

Asaph Ventures provided Mentorship, Strategy, Finance, and Ministry to Monty and the team at Gen7. 

Asaph Ventures gave Gen7 the ability to carve its own business path and not get distracted with back-office daily tasks that kept leadership from what they really loved doing. Ultimately, Gen7 chose to partner with Asaph due to the ongoing in-depth mentoring that is useful in scaling the business into the future.

Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans

The team at Gen7 love working with Asaph Ventures. They trusted Marty and his team to help guide their ongoing business journey. They chose to work with Asaph because they wanted to partner with a company that shared the same core values and vision as they do – and they got just that!

The first few months of business for Gen7 were exceptionally lean, but Asaph never wavered in their belief that the company would get to success and helped forward that vision. Asaph gave encouragement and reassurance to Monty and his team, helping them remember why they started and how special the work they were doing was. 

Asaph gave Gen7 an opportunity to strategically focus on the “right customers” instead of focusing on output and transactions early on. By doing this, it allowed the Gen7 team to focus on offering quality services and people to their ideal customers. 

Asaph has allowed the Gen7 team to hire multiple recruiters within the company so that Monty and other leaders can focus on business development. Their goal is to grow the team and the company strategically so that they can give back to multiple organizations and causes that they believe in. And they are well on their way.

“Marty & Asaph Ventures recognized my expertise in my industry and believed in my abilities. They offered me an opportunity to start a company that allows me to be my own boss and achieve my financial/career goals.”

Monty, Gen7 

Focus On, not In, Your Business

If your business is looking for support like Gen7 was, Asaph Ventures is here to help. As a Christian business investor, we partner with Christian tech companies to help scale efforts and reach business success. 

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