Company Overview

PPD Ventures helps corporations start new ventures that push the boundaries of innovation in their industry. "Purpose-Drive Disruptive Ventures" (PDD Ventures) has a refined approached to conceiving and validating new venture opportunities for their corporate partners. PDD cultivates venture ideas through a validation and design process. PDD was a founding member of Asaph Ventures.

Executive Summary

As a smaller company with limited resources, PDD Ventures was struggling to run its business and focus on its core offering, bringing disruptive innovation to corporations. As one of Asaph Ventures’ first clients, the partnership allowed PDDV to grow and evolve as a business, while generating a significant return on investment.

“The ‘first fruits’ program is possibly the most rewarding aspect of the business, as it openly displays where Asaph Ventures’ heart is. It is incredibly uplifting and inspiring to witness first-hand how the lives of those in challenging circumstances are changing through the business success of Asaph Ventures. I am proud to be their close partner.”


PDDV faced a challenge many small startups go through when launching a business. PDDV had limited time, funding, and resources to get its small startup generating revenue. The company needed to hit the ground running. However, PDDV didn’t have time to build out the infrastructure required for a new business. The founder of PDDV was skilled in strategy, innovation, software development, and research and development. When it came to operational capabilities like accounting, human resources, billing, contract management, or IT management, they were inexperienced. PDDV also needed a system to hire and onboard new employees and contractors to execute its core business. Without the capital to invest in hiring employees or individual companies to handle these administrative tasks, PDDV was seemingly stuck. PDDV needed a company that not only understood the requirements of a startup but also had a track record to back up its success.

How Product/Service Helped

Familiar with business incubators, PDDV was comfortable with a similar value proposition and partner execution model used by Asaph Ventures. More importantly, Asaph Ventures wasn’t driven by profitability just for the sake of profitability. The company finds motivation through qualities of humility, service, kindness, and honesty, and glorifying God, not individuals.

Partnering with Asaph Ventures to integrate critical business tasks required significant trust and strategic alignment. Almost seamlessly, Asaph Ventures got to work executing essential business systems. A new business infrastructure deployed rapidly, and it successfully implemented an agile hiring system. Asaph Ventures enabled PDDV to achieve growth and strategy, as well as incorporate the breadth of PDDV’s core capabilities into its business. Through the collaboration, Asaph Ventures facilitated extraordinarily efficient and effective small business growth in PDDV.

Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans

Due in large part to a partnership with Asaph Ventures, PDDV is thriving. In its first full year of business, PDDV realized revenues of $2.2 million and became a transformational innovation arm of a Fortune 100 insurance company. PDDV and Asaph Ventures’ joint “first fruits” program allowed the rebuilding of several Christian churches in Haiti devastated by Hurricane Irma in 2017. Thriving on activity with large corporate partners and transitioning from a secular business to an exciting, Christian-based business allowed the founder’s vision for PDDV to come to fruition.