Company Overview

Nivis Solutions is a certified Snowflake Services Partner, offering end-to-end consulting, development, deployment, and support for Snowflake cloud data solutions. They provide industry-focused solutions tailored to help businesses scale their data operations effectively. Nivis Solutions specializes in guiding companies through the complex journey to the Snowflake Data Cloud, minimizing risks, and aligning technology solutions with specific business objectives.

Executive Summary

In the dynamic realm of data management, experience is often the greatest teacher. For Harpal Gill, a seasoned cloud software executive with over 25 years of organizational leadership and operating experience, embarking on a new venture was an exciting prospect. 

His track record of steering organizations toward growth and profitability positioned him as a leader in the field of cloud data management. As he embarked on his latest venture, Harpal recognized the importance of the collaborative expertise needed to navigate day-to-day business operations. This insight, gained through years of hands-on experience, underscored his clear understanding of the pivotal role that proficient back-office operations play in the success of any business.

This led to the establishment of NIVIS Solutions, focused on aiding mid-market companies in transitioning to Snowflake for cloud data management. Recognizing the importance of smooth operations and compliance, Harpal sought the expertise of Marty Carney, Owner and Founder of Asaph Ventures. With his deep knowledge of back-office operations, Asaph was pivotal in propelling NIVIS forward. The NIVIS-Asaph collaboration showcases the power of strategic partnership. Together, they achieved significant growth and solidified their position as industry leaders, highlighting the potential of thoughtful collaboration. This venture underscores their shared dedication to excellence and customer-focused solutions.


Harpal, with a rich background in cloud software executive roles, brought substantial expertise. However, as he embarked on the launch of NIVIS, a critical gap in his skill set emerged. While proficient in customer relations and brand development, Harpal recognized the need for a partner well-versed in the intricacies of legal, financial, HR, and tax matters.

With NIVIS poised for growth, the importance of a clearly defined company mission, vision, and core values became increasingly apparent. However, navigating the complex terrain of business operations across multiple states and ensuring compliance in a dynamic regulatory landscape presented a significant challenge. Furthermore, seamless integration with the industry-leading platform, Snowflake, demanded precise execution and a profound understanding of intricate business processes. The need for expert guidance in these areas led Harpal to form a strategic alliance with Asaph Ventures.

Why Asaph Ventures

The partnership between NIVIS and Asaph Ventures was not just a random alignment of two entities. It was a strategic decision fueled by several key considerations:

  1. ​​Complementary Expertise: NIVIS needed expertise in back-office operations, compliance, and finance. Asaph Ventures, backed by its accomplished sister companies – HingePoint, WCI Consulting, PDD Ventures, and Gen7 Technologies – and led by Marty Carney, brought this essential knowledge to the table.
  2. Strategic Vision: Asaph Ventures excelled in crafting effective mission and vision statements, aligning perfectly with NIVIS’ goals and core values.
  3. Efficiency and Division of Labor: The partnership optimized efficiency. Harpal focused on customer engagement and sales, while Asaph Ventures managed back-office complexities.
  4. Transparency and Trust: Marty’s open-book management approach fostered trust and transparency, crucial for a successful partnership.

Asaph Ventures was the missing piece of the puzzle, providing specialized expertise, a shared vision, and essential operational support for NIVIS’ growth within the Snowflake solutions arena. Together, they navigated the complexities of entrepreneurship, propelling NIVIS toward remarkable success.

How Asaph Helped

Marty Carney’s role in the partnership is transformational. He provides NIVIS with the essential framework, guiding Harpal in articulating a mission and values that resonate profoundly with its target audience. By assuming responsibility for back-office complexities, including legal, financial, and HR matters, Asaph allows Harpal to channel his energies toward engaging customers. This division of labor optimizes their efficiency and streamlines operations for exponential growth.

Asaph implements an open-book management approach, providing NIVIS with transparent insights into the company’s financial intricacies. This level of transparency fosters trust and gives Harpal a comprehensive understanding of the economic landscape. By doing so, it arms him with the knowledge needed to make astute decisions that strategically align with NIVIS’ overarching goals. This collaborative financial strategy is instrumental in propelling the business forward, enabling it to reach significant milestones and solidify NIVIS’ position as an industry leader.

Quotes about the Partnership

  • “Marty brings the house with everything in it. So all I have to do is just move my furniture in and start living.” – Harpal Gill, Founder, NIVIS
  • “Harpel brings good framework, but needs some excellent plumbing and great wiring. The things that you don’t see. They’ll see Harpel out there in the market selling Snowflake and doing the thing he does best, building relationships..” – Marty Carney, Asaph Ventures

Focus On, Not In, Your Business

For businesses navigating the complex terrain of data management and operations, Asaph Ventures stands as a trusted ally. With a proven track record of providing comprehensive back-office solutions, Asaph empowers companies to focus on their core strengths while ensuring seamless operational efficiency. Elevate your business potential with Asaph Ventures today.